Disordered Eating: Not Always What It Seems

As the title suggests, disordered eating doesn’t always look like what you might expect. It can actually vary from person to person, and I want to be sure that this is a learning experience for my readers. I am so fortunate to have the support system and the following that I have, so thank you. This is not to diagnose or treat any symptoms of disordered eating that you may have: if you seek medical advice, seek a doctor. I feel called to share a part of my journey, so please, take it to heart and examine your own life.  

Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks

Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks (pt.1) January 9, 2022 Hi Friends! After a long holiday break, I’m back a day sooner than planned. I just got my house all ready for “normal” life after Christmas, and it got me thinking about some ways that I’ve simplified my cleaning routine. I am by no means an expert, …

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Political Correctness

December 17, 2021 Hi Friends. I know that today’s ever-changing world can cause some stress, and sometimes confusion about what is “right.” I’ve seen this expressed many times – things like “why can’t I say that anymore?” or “I thought that was okay!” These phrases aren’t always the obvious (racist, homophobic, sexist) ones. Sometimes, they …

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Mini: Friday Routine

December 3, 2021 Happy Friday, Friends. I hope this weekend brings you peace and relaxation. Today I’m going to share a few things that help me “get ready” for the weekend. I know a lot of people are super busy this time of year, but once you have a routine that works for you you’ll …

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Mini: Time

Weekly Wellness Mini – How Much Time Do We Really Have? November 10, 2021 Every day, there are numerous tasks that need completed. From work, to self care, most can’t be avoided. How many hours in a day do we really have?  Let’s break it down for this week’s mini topic – there’s 24 hours …

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Diets & Your Mental Health

Diet Culture And Your Mental Health. Pt. 2 October 30, 2021 In reference to this article, I’d like to put a TW for ED up top. If you can’t handle this information, I understand. I’ll see you next week friends! Today I’m going to talk more about diet culture, this time particularly in advertisements and …

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Mini: It Happens

October 10, 2021  Sometimes shit happens.  Sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s overwhelming. Sometimes there’s a seemingly never ending flow of shittiness, so great that it feels like you’ll never get out of it.  Unfortunately, things happen that are out of our control. I don’t like it either, never have. One thing that I aim to …

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