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Consumer Behavior – A Marketing Perspective

In studying Marketing, I’ve come to my consumer behavior class. The following is a blog assignment for that course.

Understanding the different types of consumers is crucial to understanding marketing as a whole.

Trying to appeal to all consumers will help broaden the “net” that marketers cast to catch customers.

The main types of consumers are loyal consumers, impulse consumers, discount consumers, need-based consumers, and wandering consumers (Types of customers 2022).

The type of consumer I am varies due to many different factors. Mostly, I’m a loyal consumers, buying from the same brands. My reasoning for this is I come to enjoy certain brands’ marketing materials and that influences my purchases.

Being a marketer, I see when a brand is going for a certain vibe, and I resonate with unique looking brands.

The loyalty aspect comes into play when I find quality products, great customer service, and convenience.

For example, I frequent the same brands who sell from their websites, Etsy, or Amazon because I am familiar with their products. Occasionally, my consumer behavior shifts to the impulsive purchasing of products.

This is more likely to happen if I’m traveling or in a store where a product catches my eye. This could be again tied to their marketing look and branding, but also has a lot to do with the ingredients of the product and how it’s sourced.

I am a huge advocate for natural, sustainable products when I have the opportunity to support those types of businesses.

Post-purchase behavior is something that I experience with impulse buying. Sometimes I regret a purchase or the amount that I spent on it, however this does not happen to me when I’m pitching products based on loyalty or need.

I am very excited to learn more about consumer behavior and to broaden my marketing skills throughout this course.


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