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Is Influencer Marketing The Future?

Influencer marketing – In an effort to further my marketing career, and pass my classes, I’m researching the best types of marketing and what makes them unique. Today’s assessment is on influencer marketing. Influencers are content creators on various social media platforms that have a substantial following. Micro-influencers can have as little as 1,000 subscribers or followers, and others have reached pub;ic figure status with millions. Throughout my research, I will be taking a look at one of the top influencers on Instagram, Kylie Jenner. Although she is a celebrity, I consider her a major influencer as well based on her sponsorships, sales, and following. Let’s dive into Kylie’s Instagram, marketing strategy, and why influencer marketing works.

What makes influencer marketing unique?

In the field of influencer marketing, I have noticed a few patterns that stand out to me. Those being the types of posts that do well on Instagram and what makes them engaging. For instance, if Kylie were to post an Instagram storywith a link to one of her products, her followers are likely to click on it. What makes this work in the marketing world? Affiliate links are links that influencers can use to promote a product. Once the consumer clicks the link and purchases the product, the influencer recieves a percentage of the profit. This is a common way that influencers make money by marketing brands that they collaborate with, and it’s changing the game for companies big and small.

In Kylie’s case, she has the added benefit of promoting her own companies and brands on her Instagram (Kylie 🤍 (@kyliejenner) • instagram photos and videos 2022). This is not only free marketing for her company, but can increase interaction with her followers.

How Does Influencer Marketing affect advertising as a whole?

Influencer marketing is changing the way that consumers interact with their favorite brands. By working with social media influencers, brands can create a persona for their products that aligns with their vision. Whether that be Kylie Jenner or a smaller influencer, this can have added benefits for both parties. The company can have a consistent marketing strategy and be seen by potentially millions of people worldwide, and the influencer can gain experience and profits when working with brands large and small.

Something that is big for Gen Z to see in advertising is authenticity. Transparency is key, and when an advertisement feels like you’re on a FaceTime call with your favorite celebrity, consumers can feel closer to the brand in a way that’s never been possible before.

Is this type of marketing the way of the future?

In short, yes! The number of influencers is growing, but once a niche audience is found there is endless possibilities to market products of all kinds. Celebrity endorsements are a great way for companies to make their product known, and I feel that smaller influencers make consumers feel even more connected to companies. Influencer marketing isn’t going away anytime soon, and I’m betting you’ll start to notice affiliate links and collaborations that you may not have noticed before!


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