Mini: Time

Weekly Wellness Mini – How Much Time Do We Really Have?

November 10, 2021

Every day, there are numerous tasks that need completed. From work, to self care, most can’t be avoided. How many hours in a day do we really have? 

Let’s break it down for this week’s mini topic – there’s 24 hours in a day, easy right? The eight hour workday was created in 1917, as a way to organize one’s workday to have more balance with their families. The mantra was: eight hours of rest, eight hours of work, eight hours to do as one pleases, thus splitting up the twenty-four hour day evenly. (Cross, 1985). So, that leaves 8 hours to do as you please. Unless you work more than 40 hours a week, like many people do. 

Taking this into consideration, let’s be generous and say you stay up late. So therefore, you still have 8 hours to do as you please, trading the extra two for only 6 hours of sleep. (Sleeping less can actually make you lethargic, cranky, and unhealthy but I digress)

I’ll even be generous with this scenario and give you a 15 minute commute, only taking a half an hour to drive back and forth to work, where you will be for 10 hours/day. Now we’re at 7.5 hours to do as you please. 

What if you need to stop for groceries, taking another hour? You should probably get that gift for your friend while you’re out, so that will take another half an hour as well. 

= 6 hours left. 

No problem, 6 hours is a long time! I’ll be home quickly, as the shops are on my commute. You get home and notice that the animals, and kids, need fed. There is nothing prepared by a magic live-in chef, so you cook. While dinner is cooking, you decompress and clean your space, feed the animals, and put away the groceries. 

= 4.5 hours left. 

Not doing too bad, okay, all that’s left to do is eat, bathe the kids, change their clothes, change your clothes, spend some time getting comfy. The dishes can wait, and the leftovers are put away. 

= 3 hours left. 

3 hours is okay, yeah, we can relax and… oh, there’s things that I forgot. Some mail came in that needs sorted, and bills to be payed. I also wanted to read up on those emails before I watch television. I should check social media while I’m on my phone, its been a while since I’ve heard from anyone. 

You can see how quickly time goes, and this isn’t to make you anxious. This is to remind you to slow down and appreciate every single moment that you have. Its easier said than done, but when you start taking time to focus on yourself every day, you realize that time is something you can’t get a refund on. 

Remember this as the holiday season approaches, and stay warm out there Friends.


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