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NEW Podcast Episode is LIVE

Photo by Pixabay on My new podcast episode is out now. The History of Diet Culture - A retrospective. New Podcast Episode Direct Link: Now available wherever you get your podcasts! Read more here!

“Mom Doesn’t Like Her Picture Taken”

“Mom doesn’t like her picture taken.” Words that I, myself, have heard more times than I can count. I can speak for everyone when I say: moms. Listen to this. You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are so much more than the number on the scale. credit: Huffpost We’re so skewed to believe … Continue reading “Mom Doesn’t Like Her Picture Taken”

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The History of Mental Health Treatments

Hi friends! It's been a while, and I'm back on the blog!! Mental health has been around since humans have been around. There have been developments around treatment throughout history, and today we’re going to go over those and bring it all the way up to modern day, 2022. From lobotomies, to prescription SSRIs, we’re … Continue reading The History of Mental Health Treatments

NEW Podcast Episode – Weekly Wellness Pod – March, 2022

Hi my friends! It's March which means its Women's History Month! This podcast episode we will be talking about the history of women's mental health and how it has evolved, and a few cases that might shock you.  "Breaking stigmas with real solutions" isn't just a tagline, it's my mission. My name is Veronica and … Continue reading NEW Podcast Episode – Weekly Wellness Pod – March, 2022

Announcing: Weekly Wellness Podcast!

I can be found on Anchor or Spotify, and I am so fortunate to have released my trailer today!! Please hit "follow" and give it a listen - my first episode is coming within a week!!

Disordered Eating: Not Always What It Seems

As the title suggests, disordered eating doesn't always look like what you might expect. It can actually vary from person to person, and I want to be sure that this is a learning experience for my readers. I am so fortunate to have the support system and the following that I have, so thank you. This is not to diagnose or treat any symptoms of disordered eating that you may have: if you seek medical advice, seek a doctor. I feel called to share a part of my journey, so please, take it to heart and examine your own life.