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The Max Headroom Incident | Mental History Podcast

Television hijackings refer to incidents in which unauthorized individuals or groups gain control of a broadcast signal and interrupt regular programming to broadcast their own content. These events have occurred sporadically over the years and have often been used as a form of protest, prank, or publicity stunt. The hijackers typically display their own messages, images, or videos, often with the intention of conveying a particular message, causing chaos, or simply seeking attention. 


Psychologically, broadcast interruptions can cause fear, paranoia, and distrust of a previously trusted channel. This was definitely the case in the Max Headroom Incident – not only were viewers in Chicago where the hijacking took place but all around the world even today, nearly 36 years after the incident. 


What makes this mystery so intriguing? Who was the mastermind behind the hijacking? Why The Max Headroom Mask? All of this and more will be answered in today’s episode. 


This is Mental History, Thanks for listening. 



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