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Under Armour: Where Do They Go From Here?

Under Armour

In studying for my Marketing Degree, I’ve come across several brands that have stood the test of time. Not only has Under Armour been in business since 1996, but they have been consistently growing throughout the years. An article was written (revised in 2016) showcasing Under Armour’s “Willful Digital Moves,” and that is what I will be referencing today!

Market Segments & Strategies

When studying a company like Under Armour, it can seem like they have the perfect grasp on their marketing, but how did this come to be? In the article, several market segments are mentioned. In order to reach their target audience, they first had to understand who they were marketing to.

The fitness market in the United States was growing rapidly, with the industry being worth more than $125 Billion in 2015. A large portion of that was people who enjoyed exercise, sports, or overall wellness. So, the main strategy that Under Armor turned to was celebrity advertising. They also utilized word-of-mouth marketing (Under Armour’s Willful Digital Moves, 2016).

Appealing to Women

A large portion of consumers who were interested in fitness when this study was completed were female. Under Armor specifically ran a campaign called “I Will What I Want” that was aimed at women who were interested in wellness products. When segmenting customers as Under Armour did, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind.

Customer behavior, needs, biases, and cultures all should be taken into consideration when deciding which segment of the overall market to advertise to. Consumer needs are not static, and behavior can change throughout a product’s life cycle. Biases and cultures are especially of note when targeting a specific gender or group (Under Armour’s Willful Digital Moves, 2016).

What’s Next?

If I was to choose the next market that Under Armour would focus on, it would be the disabled community. I have partnered with the Invisible Disability Association in the past, and am an advocate for brands to become more accessible for those with visible and invisible disabilities. My marketing strategy would showcase the history of Under Armour and how many lives they’ve touched over the years. Who wouldn’t want to pass on a legacy to their loved ones?

Those who are disabled are making strides in advocating for themselves, but there is work to be done by companies still. Under Armour is at the top of its game, but it’s only up from here!


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