Understanding Your Inner Child

Understanding Your Inner Child

August 3, 2021

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Hi Friends! Today I am going to explore what your inner child needs and how to help. As always, consider donating to my Patreon. (This also includes fun extra perks & an exclusive online community). I am also on Facebook as Weekly Wellness! 

Healing your inner child is a lifelong journey. Just when you think you have it all figured out, a trigger appears and it feels like you are starting over from step one. In the midst of day-to-day life, we often forget to check in on ourselves. Don’t forget that an important part of healing your inner child (and caring for your outer adult) is to nurture your mind, body, and soul. No matter how you do this, it is equally valid and necessary. 

When looking at healing your inner child, it is important to recognize the root causes. Keep in mind, childhood trauma can be any point in which your needs were not fully met. Whether this be major or minor, emotional or physical, there is a very good chance that you have some healing to do. There is nothing wrong with healing your inner child, nor does it mean there is anything wrong with your childhood. In fact, more than two thirds of children reported at least 1 traumatic event by age 16. (see infographic for more) 

“Now that I am informed, what can I do?” 

Something that I highly recommend, and I have written about before, is to reframe your mindset. It is so easy to get caught up in life and all of it’s stresses. It is even easier to not only forget to check in with yourself, but to neglect yourself completely. I have put together a downloadable worksheet below for your convenience. It’s free and a great resource to have on hand for your check-ins. 


This is something that I really enjoy doing for myself and can’t wait to share with all of you! My goal is to start adding in new worksheets or readings that I feel intertwine with the Weekly Wellness Topic. This will also add a layer of interactiveness as I am open to any questions you may have (weeklywellnessblog@gmail.com). Feel free to copy this worksheet or download it here. 

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