Updating Your Routine (The Easy Way)

Updating your routine (the easy way)

March 31, 2021

Hi my friends, today we will be discussing routines! I am so excited to share some information that I have found that makes my life easier, especially struggling with mental and physical illness every day. This will be a light read, but I would love it to spark some conversation in the comments or even just ideas in your own head. Lots of times, as we discussed in our “Expectations” article, we are expected to complete certain tasks every day. These tips will hopefully make those a little bit easier and develop a solid, stable habit.

1. Establishing goals 

The first step to forming a solid habit or routine is to be clear about your goals. What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? It’s easy to start listing off ways that you can improve your quality of life, but I highly recommend starting with just one goal. This could be anything from drinking 8 glasses of water a day, upping your skincare routine, organizing your house cleaning/laundry schedule, or writing a journal (or blog)! Pick one, and focus on that. The goal we will be using for this example is going to be meditating more often. It is okay to set a number of times per day/week/month that you will do this, but sometimes being more broad will lessen the pressure that you put on yourself. 

So, for my goal, I am going to find a notebook and pen and simply write “I am going to meditate more often.” Speaking it into existence will help immensely with whatever goal you choose. Write it where you can see it, write the date and time that you made this promise to yourself. Most importantly: write why you want to accomplish this goal. I have my example here. 

2. Start a routine 

This step is a lot easier said than done, but don’t worry I have tips for this too! The best way to incorporate an activity into your already-established routine is to think what the best time of day would be. So, because my goal is meditation, I have a couple of options. I can meditate before I go to sleep at night, or because I am fortunate to have a quiet home, I can meditate as soon as I get home from work or whatever it is that I’ve been doing that day. This can be more difficult for some, but I highly suggest looking at your reasons why. If a significant other or loved one is giving you trouble, remember that you deserve to do something for yourself. You deserve to have time alone and remember who you are at your core. Refer back to this reason why any time you’re doubting yourself, and remember you can always change it. I don’t, however, recommend changing your goal. You set this up for a reason and the universe is always going to push you in the right direction – even when it feels like you are fighting an uphill battle, trust the process. 

For this example, which is the routine I have in my personal life (kind of cheating!), I will be meditating as soon as I get home for the day. Whatever it is, doctor’s appointments, running errands, or work, as soon as I am home for the day and not going back out I get comfy and meditate. There are a lot of benefits to this but the main reason for me choosing this time of day is to let go of the outside world before I settle in. I pride myself on having a peaceful, cozy environment. I always set good intentions to clear my energy and let go of the happenings of the day. This makes life easier for my husband as well, because when he gets home I am reset and ready to enjoy our evening (not holding on to a bad day). Even better if you have white sage or other candles to clear out any negativity you may be carrying with you. Often times we carry negative emotions and energy without even realizing: make it a point to let it go. 

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3. Hold yourself accountable (the right way) 

I’ve seen and done this too many times to count: set a goal, get overexcited, crash, burn, repeat. The way to change this will be to positively reinforce your desired behavior. This is very important to avoid burnout. Burnout often happens in cases of self shame and guilt. And let me tell you friends, you have the rest of your life to improve. Perfection is not attainable and should not be your goal, but anything that you put your mind to can be done. Remember to do it gently. If I miss an evening meditation, I will not shame myself and feel guilty. Instead I will do it as soon as I remember or the next evening. Without guilt or shame. We are human and we are all trying to remember so many things every day. Extend grace and empathy to yourself. You won’t regret it. This exercise isn’t meant to be accomplished in one sitting. Setting goals and acting on them is a process, sometimes a longer one than we’d like it to be. Remember your reason(s) why, friends. Good Luck!

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